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hilary Jones

have had horrid bites from these little pests in the past and suffered three last week, and so did lots of other people locally, it's obviously their favourite time of year!! I have now started spraying with insect repellent before I go out walking the dog and taking piriton antihistamine. The swelling is horribly hot, itchy and sore but an ice pack seems to soothe as does steroid cream. Good old fashioned vinegar is also really useful if applied as soon as you realise you have been bitten


Sorry to hear that, Hilary. They certainly seem to like you! Good tip about the vinegar. Thank you.


I have a very similar bite. Took loads of garden stuff in the car a couple of days ago. Yesterday something bit the back of my leg and it is burning hot and hard. It has about 8cm circle of redness and feels very tight. Went to pharmacist for anti histamines. Then sent to doctor to check it. Now on antibiotics and hydrocortisone cream!


Meant to say I'm in Swindon


I think I was bitten twice on one ankle and one on the other foot on Sunday night. I'm in Brockworth near Gloucester and we're right by the Horsbere Brook - aka slow.moving river or stream which is apparently the type of place the BlandforD flies like to lay their eggs. My right foot is solid, red, swollen and hot and about 6" in diameter. Antihistamine tablets don't seem to have touched it at all. Put some steroid cream I've had for eczema in the past on it, but no idea if anything is helping! My foot and ankle look terrible!

Contacting my GP is such a huge hassle, so am hoping it will all go down by Wednesday at least otherwise I'll have to see the chemist, or brave trying to get through to the docs!

Jim Willetts

I'm in Ryde, Isle of Wight and got a swollen leg after standing in the undergrowth of our back garden a few days ago. I googled a description of my leg and clicked on the image which looked closest and that brought me here. Didn't see it, but it sounds like a suspect!

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