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Lyn Grainger

Hi Joe, your Gigantomo tomato s look lovely. I've bought a Gigantomo plant from garden centre I work at today. I don't have a greenhouse but I have a south facing porch with a large sunny window, it's in a 1litre pot, which size pot do you suggest I pot it on to. I'm going to buy bag of manure tomorrow and thought I'd buy a grow bag and use the compost from that for the pot or do you think a grow bag sat on a tray. Can you please advise me. Thank you, Lyn

Lyn Grainger

Sorry, just e-mailed you and called you Joe, just realized I was reading about someone you were talking about, sorry Helen. I don't want or expect to grow a huge tomato, but would like advice on growing them as you do,thank you Helen, Lyn


Hi, Lyn, no problem. I put my tomatoes in buckets, so that's about 14-15 litres. I never bother with growing in growbags as they're so problematic, but pouring the compost into the bucket would do fine. You'll still need to water with a liquid feed, as per instructions on the feed bottle. Good luck, and come back and let me know how things have gone.

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