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Thanks for the rundown on all the varieties of lights. It seems like they come out with cooler ones all the time! One thing I noticed with the ones I've gotten at the garden store is they break after a summer since I live in the desert. I got some that were more of a fixture for the house. Since they're made of metal they have lasted for 3 years now by the pool and still going strong! I got them at https://www.amazon.com/Solar-Lights-Bright-Path-Light/dp/B01FTF5WJE Check them out if you need some good lighting outside.

Nice Jones

If they're covered with snow, Bill, the batteries won't be charged so the lights won't go on. Assuming they stay watertight and the batteries don't mind freezing, they should work when the snow melts, but personally, I'd bring them inside. That way you know they'll be warmer and dry and should work without problem next year.

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