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Did I write this? I have been saying exactly the same through the season to the point we don't watch GW anymore. I love gardening and always find beechgrove full of interesting points.


Ha, ha, Thank you, Karina. It'll soon be over for the season, sadly.

For anyone who's missed them, all the episodes are currently available on iPlayer.

Chris C

GW has lost its way, and compared to Beechgrove, is a much poorer programme. We're tired of seeing Monty Don wandering almost aimlessly, from one colourless area to another, along unattractive narrow hedged paths. Beechgrove is vibrant and the presenters fill the time with helpful comparisons of a range of varieties. It is full of interesting, dicussions, attractive visis, and useful advice. In a recent GW programme, Matthew Wilson brought a breath of fresh air; someone of his calibre is sorely needed.


Thank you, Chris. There really is a lot of wandering, isn't there? Drives me mad. Not Monty's fault, I'd say, more the production values of the programme team (who, I venture, are not that interested in gardening). I'd like to have seen Matthew Wilson's contribution. Do you remember which episode?

Chris C

Thank you Helen. Matthew Wilson was on episode 25.


Ooh, thank you, Chris. I'll take a look.

Jud C

I love Beechgrove garden it has more appropriate content than Gardeners World.
Wish Gardeners World could catch the magic Geoff Hamilton sowed.

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