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Nell Jean

It is a beautiful Rose. Excelsea? I love when cuttings do what we hoped.

I had to look up the meaning of chuffed. I would have guessed the opposite. Maybe I was thinking of miffed.


I don't know much about growing roses - I never knew they could be rooted in this way. I have one rose on my property - a wild rose. Maybe I'll try to propagate it. I, also,had to look up the meaning of chuffed. My vocabulary increased today.


Rose names are very difficult. I have several farm roses that I felt it proper to name by myself - Rachel, Mable et al. I am very impressed by your propagating skills.


Ah, two nations divided by a single language! It's always interesting to see what words are shared and what aren't. I'd like to say I have very green fingers, but honestly, rooting roses like this is well worth trying and seems to be more successful than not. Just tear off a non-flowering, soft wood shoot, put the end in water (covering a jar of water with silver foil and then piercing the foil with the cutting so that it dips its end in the water) and wait to see what happens.
Commonweeder, I love that you have a gaggles of girls out there in the garden.


Great detective work! It’s always nice to know what you got in your garden, for so many reasons – one of course is so you can look up each plant online and see how to treat it and where it should grow etc. I started gardening as pretty much a novice 15 years ago, and I have learned so much by just learning about the plants in my own garden.


Thank you! I so agree, Helene. It's amazing how much you can pick up just from a small selection of plants.

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