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Hi Helen - good to meet you on Monday. I hope you enjoyed Hampton Court as much as I did :)

Was there anything in particular which caught your eye?

Helen Gazeley

Hi, Michele. It was lovely to meet you too. Thoroughly enjoyed HC - thought it was particularly good this year. I've been horribly tardy about writing about it and have just enjoyed your blogposts. Picturesque was one of my favourite gardens too. Fundamentally Fungus was surely the least successful. And where do they really draw the line between conceptual and show?


The lines between conceptual and show were really blurred this year weren't they? I asked that question on the day (particularly re World Vision) and didn't really get an answer. It's been interesting to see that World Vision is listed in the HC programme as show, but according to the RHS website was awarded a gold in the conceptual category...

Helen Gazeley

Yup, and the Eye of the Internet was entered as conceptual garden, but was asked to move to the Show Garden category.


Master Gardeners are worth a look!


Do you mean the Garden Organic master gardeners' course, Superdooperal? Last time I looked I don't think it was available in this area, but it looked really interesting.

Vladimir Kondratyuk

Dear Helen, as experience writer and enthusiastic gardener you would appreciate the new wave that is slowly taking over UK gardeners' world: Ploskorez tools from Russia. Of course, you are busy and you may dismiss the idea, or you can give them a chance because... it fits several themes:
- Green living.
- The design concept behind the tools.
- Its novelty in the UK. It has only been on the market for 4 months. (But over 15 years in Russia).
- The potential story behind it. I have a feeling that the magazines you write in are about transforming lives and positive thinking?
- The Russian/Eastern European connection is curious.
- Also, the agricultural, organic feel to it.
I would love to hear from you... my number is: 07956211761.
Warmest regards, Vladimir

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