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I'm still not sold on that kind of begonia, but I LOVE the trailing boliviensis ones. I've just stuffed one of them in my sole hanging basket - quite a departure for me as I usually have scented petunias in there. I think an entire hanging basket achieved for just over three pounds from my local garden centre is an absolute bargain :)

Don't get me started on the habit of changing commercial names, or the same thing being called different names by different companies! Harrumph.

John Kingdon

I've seen these listed as "Begonia Illumination Apricot Shades" so I guess they are the same plant. I love the Easy-fill baskets and also the matching wall planters, with which I've surrounded the house!

You may, as I, have noticed that when filling a basket, those on the sides are more bushy than those planted on the top. Thompson and Morgan, essentially the same company as Van Meuwen, list a more upright growing variety as plug plants. I'm going to try those next year to see if they bush better.

I start tubers into growth at the end of March, pressed into the surface (not buried) of some trays of dry-ish compost in the airing cupboard. I check daily and transfer any with shoots to 7 cm square pots (rootballs fit the easy-fill holes better than round ones) somewhere light but warm. Then they go into baskets once the frost risk has gone.

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