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Lucy Corrander

I'm glad I read the caption on your last picture. Having read your potting trials I thought 'wow! they were worth it; what a spectacular success!' But now we know not so much what you have achived (yet) but from where the inspiration comes.


Thank you, Lucy. Perhaps one's always more critical of one's own efforts; you should have seen the result of the Life Drawing! :(


I have used ‘Plant Me Now’ many times, I am so happy with the quality of the plants, and the delivery is excellent. Also, they tell you when the plants will arrive before you order, that’s important to me. I buy all my plants online as I no longer can manage to get to nurseries and garden centres, and often I put in an order and it might say 7 days delivery but can take a month. Difficult to plan then. Plant me now has always delivered within days to me.

I used Ajuga Burgundy Glow in my window boxes last winter, what a thug! I bought and planted them in December, they didn’t flower until March, and when I took the plants out in May I literarily had to break them out of the boxes, the roots were huge. I had a plan of re-planting them in the garden but decided against it. I gave away two and chucked the other 3. This year my winter bedding has already arrived, but I am trialling JerseyPlantsDirect this time. No Ajugas, but double primulas, bellis and pansies. The packaging at JerseyPlantsDirect was even more impressive than Plant Me Now, I bought ‘mega plants’ ready to plant (still smaller in size than Plant Me Now).
Now I just need to plant them :-)


I was impressed with the delivery information too, Helene. You're right, Burgundy Glow seems very robust - I'm glad I put it in a pot by itself. I do love the colour, though, especially with the creamy splashes they throw up every so often.

Your choice sounds lovely - I'm a sucker for bellis. I'll look forward to seeing your photos.

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