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It's always lovely when you find these little delights tucked away. There are some lovely spaces in South London, such as Roots & Shoots not far from this park. This looks like another well worth a stroll though. I like that it stopped you rushing the moment you stepped in it.

I've seen the Tudor Village in Fitzroy Park, Melbourne, many a time walking past. It always an amusing oddity and it's nice to see it's connection.

The lavender field looks wonderful. Definitely not what you expect in central London.


An additional comment: the one in the Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne, was donated by Edgar Wilson in appreciation of Melbourne's generosity in sending food to Britain, during the Second World War. More info here:
http://www.fitzroygardens.com/Index_Page.htm (scroll down to Tudor Village on left index)


Thanks, Julieanne. Obviously I must seek out Roots and Shoots. How interesting about Melbourne; I wondered why the houses had ended up there. As you say, it's lovely to come across these quirky things.

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