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I garden in nylon running shoes, to avoid the problem with laces I use elastic laces that come in a coil like a spring. Once installed, they are stretchy so I can get my shoes on without any adjustments. Of course the top of the shoe becomes caked with mud, but the laces still work. If they loosen up over time I just have to pull them a little tighter at the top or I have resorted to putting in a knot at the top of the individual lace end so they won't slip. The lace ends aren't tied to each other.

I can't abide clogs in the garden because they would get dirt into my heels, and I have trouble with spiky weed seeds trying to fall into my shoes sometimes.


BTW my favorite running shoes ever had a big pull tab at the front and the heel, which made it easier to pull them on. I haven't found more like them since.


Hi, Hannah. Curly laces - what an excellent idea. I'll remember that, should I ever have lace-up garden shoes again. A good amount to grab to pull on is must too - I found a reference to Bogs, which have a handholds so you can pull them. Haven't seen them in the UK, though. http://www.northcoastgardening.com/2012/06/bogs-gardening-shoes/
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