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I have a soft spot for violets too! I have the purple in my yard, and I've been moving them to fill in between some mountain stones I have in front of my porch and down a path. I also have raided my grandparents yard for the white & blue Confederate violets. They consider them weeds, and I think they're beautiful, it's been a win-win!!

Jean Campbell

What a nice tribute to violets! I let them stay, too.


Exactly! Use the ground covers you already have. And you can eat them too, and they're lovely in bloom. I just remove the ones that are in the way of planting something else.


They certainly do get about a bit Helen if left to it but then they are so pretty, undemanding and pest free. What's not to like? :)


Thank you, everyone. I'm so glad others feel the same way. A Violet Appreciation society waiting to start!

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