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Nope, Jo's garden didn't do it for me either. Jo's gardens usually have some much-needed soul, and I'm usually such a fan of what she does.

My money was on Diarmuid Gavin (having been spot-on re Best in Show I was on for a double), but I was heartily glad to see Matthew Wilson take the prize. It was one of the garden which resonated with me :)


I wasn't bowled over by Jo's but I did think it would get a good vote. Obviously I was wrong! Wouldn't it be interesting to have a first, second and third, though? The Yorkshire garden was lovely - somehow seeing it first out of the Press Tent I didn't give it the attention it deserved.

Joy Harding

I was amazed at the Australian entry as it was not the typical rustic native plantings, but after thinking about it I came to realize that the team were portraying that formal gardens can be grown in Australia and using European type plants. I thought it was a very restful design that one would really wish to get home to after a stressful day at the office.


Hi, Joy. Thank you for commenting. I agree, it was a very restful design, and nice to see the influence of a country incorporated without the need to reproduce it in detail.

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