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Julieanne Porter

A Chelsea garden that has meaning beyond the flower show - I'm looking forward to watching this. Also very interested in how they manage the planting given the limitations of light and space. Thanks for sharing Helen.


I thought the programme was marvellous and a shot across the bows to those who question whether Chelsea is valid any more.

My opinion of Chris changed dramatically when I heard him speak at a Palmstead Nursery seminar in 2009. He spoke so passionately about the transformative power of public space gardens. It was the first time I'd heard someone with an evident depth of knowledge on what a green space can do for our health and well being. That same passion was evident in tonight's programme.

I've been a quiet fan ever since, and far too shy to speak to him at Chelsea, even on Press Day!


That's so true, Julieanne. I wish more of them ended up somewhere. I'm a fan of Chris's too, Michelle. Did you really have a bad opinion before you saw him? He always give the impression of having thought things out carefully.

I caught up with this programme last weekend - would be interested to know why the canal went. Chris spoke about waterlilies opening and closing and offering ephemeral colour, so I think the original intention was to keep it. A problem with weight, perhaps?

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