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Philip Voice

Thank you for writing about Blackmoor Helen - always brings a lump to my throat.

I grew up a mile from Blackmoor apple shop (it used to be called Blackmoor apple station) and I went to school just 700 yards away.

I started my working life as an assistant greenkeeper on Blackmoor golf club (built by the then Lord Selborne who owns Blackmoor Estate) - the 8th fairway overlooks the apple nurseries where new stock is grafted and grown-on.

I see they have just celebrated forty years of apple tasting.

All the kids from the council estates (before Whitehill expanded) used to amble up on tasting day and scoff loads of apples.

Blackmoor was also a big employer of school leavers - sadly, then, it was seen as one of those jobs that kids did when they didn't have 'real' prospects (a bit like gardening used to be considered) - changed now and my nephew John works on the estate.

....I could go on but I don't wish to bore you or your readers:)

Helen Gazeley

Not boring at all, Phil. Blackmoor has a fascinating history explained on site and youve just added to it! Hope your nephew is enjoying himself - green fingers obviously run in the family.

Best wishes


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