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Mark Gatter

Hi - I have to applaud Ruth's reluctance to kill snails, regardless of any future attempts on their part to develop a better sense of direction. I'm always aware that the bugs, slugs and so forth in my garden are only there for lunch - just like me. So, rather than killing them, I try to relocate them. For instance, we have a tiny stream running across our land, and as far as I'm aware snails haven't yet learned to swim...but I do give them flying lessons.

Helen Gazeley

Oh, you put me to shame, Mark! Although, pedant that I am, I just have to point out that unless you're a hunter-gatherer, the various visitors to the garden aren't just like you - after all, the veggies wouldn't be there if you hadn't planted them.

Still, a moat - now you've got me thinking...

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