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I have to say I agree that hose reels are a waste of time.
In fact I'd say hose tidying systems are in general, so we have simplified things by installing permanganate plumbed sprinklers, all a home made system with two control valve blocks to distribute to the six sprinklers set at strategic points.
This way we can water the garden at ease and use a separate hose more localised use. This is generally left loose on the ground but laid flat, with no kinks, parallel to the building.
If you are wondering why so much trouble or if we have a palatial residence, the answer is simple our garden of 80 foot width and 50 foot depth has no lawn. We have large beds with tropical plants such as palms, cordylines, azaleas, fatsias, hostas, berginias, sedums, peonys and other plants, far too many to mention here. The soil is bark covered to a depth of some 4” - 6” which is topped up once a year.
It doesn't require much watering but when it does, I don't intend being a slave to it.
This way it allows me to sit back, under our permanetn 5m x 5m canopy and enjoy my favourite Yemeni Matari coffee from The Tea and Coffee Emporium while the sprinklers do the hard work.
Thanks for the post and the opportunity to comment.

Pocket Hose

A simple hook on the wall might serve as a good storage for a garden hose. Good read.


I've had hose reels that are awkward and make things even more difficult if anything but this one from Two Wests & Elliot is wall mounted and is very easy to use and retract http://www.twowests.co.uk/product/hozelock-2595-wall-mounted-auto-reel-with-40m-hose


Er, thanks, Alex. Looks neat, but I've made the link no-follow, as you appear to be connected to the company.

I have a big hose

use two hooks, as only one hook will cause the weight of the hose, over time, to put a permanent dent in the inner wall of the hose.

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