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After the last few harsher winters, i'm quite glad our garden has a bit of a rest this year. Although the lack of cold may be a problem for fruit, its a welcome break for our exotic garden!

Helen Gazeley

It's an ill wind... as they say, Gaz. The last couple of winters must have been a problem. Tom Hart Dyke lost the whole of the Canary Islands a couple of winters ago. See http://helengazeley.typepad.co.uk/gardenwriter/2010/05/taking-on-the-world-tom-hart-dyke-and-lullingstone-castle-gardens.html


Hi Helen - it's been bitterly cold recently and snow is forecast this weekend - what does this mean for those of us that have been busy pruning away?

Helen Gazeley

Hi, Robbie Thank you for posting, and it's certainly time to toast one's toes in front of the fire! My experience with mature apple trees is that they stand up pretty well to cold weather after pruning. I suspect that young trees might suffer but I think that the general problem with pruning early is that it can break dormancy, stimulate new shoots, which then get knocked back by the cold weather.


Hi Helen thanks for the link. Gaz

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