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Phil Voice

Definitely good for me.

I have many memories of (biennial)forget-me-not carpets under established English rose gardens and mixed herbaceous borders.

Love Brunnera too.


hi,in my old house i had brunnera growing in my front garden, i dug them up, in a few weeks time i had hundreds everywhere even next door complained because there garden got them aswell, the plant has a massive root system, even posion didnt work, killed them for a short time but they came back, so now when i do garden jobs i advise people not too dig them up, just poison them and maybe poison them again and maybe abit more, hate the plant, love forget-me-nots there the real deal, cheers paul


Hi, Paul. You (and your neighbour!) have my sympathies. They are tough old plants and take a bit of dedication to eradicate. It's taken 3 years and an eagle eye for seedlings but my husband is now pretty much on top of them.

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