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That's a lovely round-up, thanks for taking part in the challenge!


Thank you, Emma! But I meant to do so-o much more... :(


I'm pretty sure there's quite a few NT Gardens with blogs e.g. Hidcote.

However, it's a while since I last looked, so some have probably fallen by the wayside...


Can't find one for Hidcote, VP, although maybe it was http://whathohidcote.blogspot.co.uk which is now finished as the writer has moved on to Kew? I think you're right about the NT - I found Mount Stewart's, which first lapsed into inertia and has now disappeared completely.

Gary Webb

Many thanks for the mention, that is very kind. Bloging on Gardening Ways has been quite a challenge of late due to a new 'official' grounds blog we launched at Compton Verney recently, but I'm looking forward to blogging more personal gardening views once again on Gardening Ways.

Roger Brook

Thanks for visiting my own blog. I hardly qualify as a head gardener when Brenda my assistant and life partner describes herself as a fair weather gardener- not if its wet, windy or cold! I still manage to look after four gardens, total five acres.

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