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You have my sympathy Helen as spam was a real Blogger nightmare until recently. I disabled anonymous comments because I only had one real Anon Commenter (ironically 1 of my oldest friends in real life) and dealing with all the emails/removal from spam folder etc was a real nightmare. It stopped almost all the spam (apart from those who must be some of the paid commenters you found) dead in its tracks.

Since Google's hugely revamped search algorithm went live I cautiously allowed Anon comments back on a couple of weeks ago. The spam is still at almost zero levels. Previous experiments have found high levels of spam returning after a couple of hours *crosses fingers so it continues*. Is it a coincidence? Perhaps, perhaps not.

Spam levels on WordPress however, remain at depressingly high levels.

Helen Gazeley

Ooh, revamped search algorithm - obviously something I should know about. Making people sign in has made a huge difference. I'm going to try removing the moderation, now, and see if things stay stable. Absolute pain, isn't it? And I wonder really how cost-effective in the long run for companies to do that. Thanks, Michelle.

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