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Your lilac is one to watch ... and I love the snail!


Wow, that is an impressive survival story! A lilac bush sounds perfect if it manages to flower, they will be at eye - and nose - level, unlike the one that arches over the fence from next door and shades my greenhouse, I can barely see the flowers, let alone smell them!

Lucy Corrander

It's interesting how those little leaf buds have caught your heart and turned your hand. Snails seem specially pretty at present. I expect there will be more of the clumpy brown kind as the season goes on.


I hope it recovers for you. It amazes me how even mature trees can send new shoots out like this, if they have to. We have a Eucalyptus that looked totally dead after last year's cold winter - we were about to chop it down, when little bristly new shoots shot out all over the trunk! It recovered totally and looks back to normal now...I'm enjoying Tree Following too, 'my' tree is a little Alder sapling I planted a couple of years ago.


Hi, Lucy C - yes, I've noticed the striped snails in particular abundance. It's so unfair on the clumpy ones as I'm much more lenient towards the pretty ones.

Lucy, it is amazing how trees recover. The urge to survive doesn't lie down easily. Alders are such pretty trees. Yours looks very eager.

For anyone who's wondering, you can see Lucy's tree at http://alderandash.wordpress.com/2014/05/14/tree-following-may/

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