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Caro/Urban Veg Patch

Interesting to see the face behind More Veg, Helen. I've used More Veg seeds for several years now and have found the quality and rate of germination very good. I've been able to try growing several veg that I wouldn't be without now, all due to the low prices. It's a system that works really well!


I only came across them recently, Caro, but it's such a good idea. Makes new varieties all the more tempting.


A most enjoyable post about a good seed company which I've always been happy to recommend.
As I said on Twitter (where I'm @Sofaflyer) I've used them for over six years, and always been pleased with the choice and service. I buy most of my vegetable, and some flower, seed from them as I only have a small, half plot allotment. Flighty xx


Thank you, Flighty. It's lovely to hear such good endorsements for a company with a great approach.

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