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Sorry Helen, I don't have a solution - I just sat here reading and nodding a lot in recognition. I've had to put a blog post on hold since last April because my notebook mysteriously disappeared. It just as mysteriously reappeared again last week!


Thanks, Michelle. You've raised my hopes that my notebook will also surface too. Time warps exist, if you ask me.


Bit late to this and I'm not the best person to give advice on this as I'm also in danger of disappearing under my own paper mountain, but in my experience if you really want to get rid of those magazines then you have to just pick them all up, don't even look at the front covers and just dump them in the bin. There will always be other sources of inspiration and information. It's a bit trickier with notes. I tend to box mine up and put them in the halfway house of my attic to mature for a few years by which time I realise I don't need them either.


You're absolutely right, Liz. It's just acquiring the strength of mind to dump everything without looking at it which I haven't mastered yet. Boxing things up is a good step in the right direction, I think. Must go and see what I can throw away in the attic.

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