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Emma Cooper

I looked at those, and they're interesting, but I managed not to indulge last year as I didn't have anywhere to put them! Sadly the same is true this year, but I will be interested to see how you get on. Don't forget that perennials take a couple of years to get settled, and you should expect a proper harvest next year :)


Hi, Emma. Yes, thank you, I've learned my lesson on expecting too much (or anything, really!)too soon. Did you see the one at the Garden Press Event, grown in a smallish pot? It was sort of a gimmick and probably not to be recommended for anyone doesn't want to create work, but it did show that it's possible to grow a tall, slender specimen in a small space. I'll post later in the year about how mine get on.

Emma Cooper

I didn't get to the Garden Press Event in the end, so I'll look forward to seeing your posts later :) I think the seed & plant companies lead us to expect instant results, but gardening doesn't always lend itself to them! Asparagus being the exception, of course - everyone knows it's worth waiting for. (Just planted mine :)

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