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I have this, it self seeded itself in the garden under a Fatsia which works well as you don't notice it much until the berries appear.


Hi, Helen. That sounds good. And Alison Marsden (@gardeninginkent) has just tweeted the suggestion that a clever plant breeder should work on getting a decent flower to go with the berries.

Thanks for commenting.


Those berries are such a fabulous colour Helen and oh what treasure for the birds. December definitely needs such plants :)


I haven't heard of stinking iris before - very interesting!
Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!


I've never associated the smell from these leaves as being like beef flavour crisps. Next time I give it a go, I'll do so with them in mind!


Hi, Lea and Anna. Thank you for visiting. Yes, the birds definitely appreciate them. Those and the holly berries! Happy GBBD.


I have this all over my garden but I don' t mind the berries are so pretty at this time of the year and they are great for winter flower arrangements. I quite like the flowers too, they are pretty in a subtle, understated way.


You're right, Chloris, the flowers are pretty when you get closer to them. Hadn't thought of trying the berries in a flower arrangement. They must look stunning. I'll have a go. Thank you.

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