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Very Pretty!
Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

Nell Campbell

'Rainbow' is beautiful. Camellias are the best part of a winter garden.


'Rainbow' looks a lot like my 'Apple Blossom' that is blooming. I love that it finally started blooming and has more buds to come.


What a gorgeous Camellia. And a bargain at £5. A lovely plant to brighten up the dark days we are having now.

Helen at Toronto Gardens

How I wish our climate were mild enough for camellias. What a wondrous flower to have at this dreary time of year! Good luck perfect spotting.


Thank you, everyone. I'm only just getting into camellias - for some reason I've always thought of them as "difficult".

My sympathies, Helen. I hear you've already had snow over there. (Lovely for Christmas!)


Ah, how nice to see you have 'Rainbow', it was one of many camellias I looked into when looking for an early blooming one last year. In the end I went for a blood-red anemone form flowered and the first flower opened today! Camellia japonica 'Takanini' can flower from November to March non-stop when mature, mine is just a baby still but have loads of buds. But I had a hard time choosing because I also wanted the scent that comes with the sasanquas – how much scent do you have? Can you smell the flowers passing the bush or do you have to stick your nose right into the flower to smell anything? I might have to order my third camellia this winter :-)


Hi, Helene. The bush is only about 18 inches tall, though it's putting on a growth spurt at the moment, so I'm hoping it'll soon be much bigger. Consequently the blooms are somewhere round the level of my knees and no scent reaches me as I pass. It's not very strong even when I lift it up to my level. At the moment, I have to stick my nose right into the blooms to find the scent but the conversation on this forum suggests that size might have a bearing on scent (http://forums.gardenweb.com/forums/load/camellia/msg1009531430662.html?17) so I'm also hoping that maybe when it's more mature and taller it'll throw out a bit more into the air. Hope that helps.

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