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I have a sunny hillside near my work that is covered with wild brambles. Every winter I spend part of a day pruning back old canes and taming a walk through maze out of them. A little bit of cheap fertilizer (chicken poo based)at the base of the bunch every spring and come summer there are enough berries for lots of pickers to harvest. They are all good sized fruit with a better taste than the thornless vines I have at my house.


We just bought 10 acres of land and along the driveway we just put in are a lot of blackberry plants. I haven't seen any berries on them. Should I cut it all back to give it a "fresh start" and just wait a year or 2 for the berries to come back?


Difficult to know exactly what the situation is, Casey. When you say let the berries "come back" do you mean the bushes were cut back to accommodate the drive. If so, I'd just leave them to come back next year.


She has had any berries on them yet, she stated they had just planted them?


Sorry predictive text. She has not had any berries grow yet.


I think the plants were already there; it's the driveway that's new.

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