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Pauline Buchanan Black

Lovely link - National Tree Week is, indeed, all about the trees; planting them and enjoying what they bring to our landscape, urban or rural. I know Twenty/Twenty - Much Wenlock has close family connections and I go there when I can - and there are often lovely tree paintings and prints on show. So, if you can't see a tree from your window and there is nowhere to plant one, get some art - it is, indeed, the next best thing.

Pauline Buchanan Black

Helen Gazeley

Hi, Pauline
Thank you very much for your comment. Amazing that Tree Week has been going so long - I'm afraid I have to admit to being able to remember planting a tree in 73, and planting some more in 74...

Twenty Twenty is a super gallery. We were only held back from buying when we were last there by the fact that the whole exhibition had sold out. (The wallet breathed a sigh of relief.)

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