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What an enjoyable review! I have Mels' square foot gardening book, but I didn't know that he also had one for square metre gardening! How wonderfu! I do like his way of planting plants in little squares, although I used just regular dirt (don't tell Mel!). To me, it made vegetable gardening easier and scaled it down to a manageable size. Thanks so much for a fun review, and for joining in!


Thank you! I agree, the system does break down veg gardening into something that is easier to control. I'm going to concentrate on bringing the same sort of thinking to my raised beds, even though I grow in rows.


I tried my version of square foot gardening a couple of years ago, after reading his book Square Foot Gardening. I used my own soil and compost. Everything looked neat and tidy, and I had some success, but the only place I had for the raised beds was in an area with a little too much shade. I enjoyed reading your review. Now I'm going to have a look at Vegetable Garden Direct's blog!


I have some 1 metre raised beds on the allotment which I've installed this year and I'm using my own home-made compost and nary a grid in sight!

Even though I'm doing it wrong according to Mel, my plants are thriving ;)

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