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Julieanne Porter (@GwenfarsGarden)

Really interesting review. Gardening gloves are so important yet there seems to be a lack of really good ones of the market. I personally have never found a 'one glove suits all situations' in the garden. I have, however, found a couple that work wonderfully for specific tasks.

The Gold Leave Tough Touch Glove for handling thorns etc is wonderful (I blogged about it here a couple of years ago: http://www.gwenfarsgarden.info/2011/11/solving-thorny-problem.html). I never had to worry about getting scratches & pain, they really did the job and are worth it if you often have to deal with prickly plants/thorns.

I've tried the Ethel gloves and feel the same as you. Great for summer but not for the wet. I'd too be happy to receive them as a gift.

The ones I do use for the wet and for general use, are the Briers Seedling gloves. I know they are meant for handling seedlings, but I have small hands and found most other gloves (like Town & Country - awful) never fitted properly. I do tend to go through them, usually my second & third fingers break through after a time. But I have this problem with any other gloves and at least these fit well and generally keep me dry. So I've stuck to them.

For the really cold wet weather, I use the Gold Leaf 'Dry Touch' gloves. I would like them to be longer in the wrist, as you said above, to protect your watch, but otherwise they fit well and I can still feel the plants etc that i'm handling. And as they are fleecy lined they help keep your fingers from freezing off in the cold months.

From those you reviewed above, the With Garden Soft n Care gloves sound like they are worth a try, so when I ruin my latest pair of Briers, I'll give them a go.

Useful review Helen, will be interesting to see other people's suggestions.

BTW: do other people go through gloves like me (wear & tear at the finger points) or is it I'm just very tough on my gloves?!

Anne Wareham

I accumulate different pairs, for different purposes and in the hope of discovering perfection.So I keep mine fastened together with a clothes peg, so they at least always stay in pairs.


Very good idea, Anne. I'm always having to sort through my pairs to find the matching gloves.


On the whole I hate gloves - I prefer to be able to feel the soil, even when weeding baby nettles like I did up at the allotment a couple of weeks ago :o

I think I missed out on the girly genes too, though I did like the Ethel gloves I trialled (and blogged about) a couple of years ago.


I know, I think I always have a slight feeling of "real gardeners don't wear gloves", but nor have I ever forgotten the feel of the fattest slug I've ever come across rolling between between my fingers like one of those children's water toys. I was just grateful I had a layer of material between me and it. Thank you for the heads-up on your Ethel review; I've added a link in the main post.

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