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I hope your remaining sapling flourishes. It's good to see the new growth in the photo, but I'm sorry about the setbacks.

Lucy Corrander

Are there larvae in the curled edges of the leaves? It's quite a dramatic story this one. Glad you have a replacement on the go. But if the old lilac has a virus will this be passed on to the new when you come to plant it out?


I agree with Lucy, this has all the makings of a will-she-won't-she tension-ridden saga! Love the healthy mini plant though, long may it continue.


Lucy, I've looked and there aren't any larvae. I wish there were, because then there'd be an obvious reason for the crispy edges. There are some very small holes, but I think this might just be a result of the browning.

Thank you, Caroline and Janet. Fingers crossed for next month's instalment.

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