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I have been bitten by something similar which I think is also the Blanford fly. I was walking yesterday in Ruislip, NW London by a river on the Hillindon Trail when I noticed my legs becoming very itchy (I was wearing tights). I also noticed a bite on my wrist and middle finger which were infuriatingly itchy. When I looked at my legs later on they were covered in around 13 bites which are now very itchy and swollen. I have never had such a reaction to an insect bite before and there were no mosquitos around that I could see. There were many tiny flies hovering around though which I now think may have been these Blanford flies. My finger is very swollen today and I cannot wear my rings, my wrist is in a similar condition and the bites on my legs range from great welts to more normal sized bites. Many are very hot and swollen. Its pretty horrible and I only hope they don't get too much worse. I had never heard of these little monsters before but I certainly think they are no longer localised to Dorset!


That's tough, Jess. This year certainly seems to have been good for biting insects. I wonder if it is the pesky Blandford fly? Hope your bites get better soon.

Mary Preston

I think it's a Blandford fly! My boyfriend was bitten by one of these little monsters and the bite was looking exactly the same!

Jane Clarke

Yes I was bitten in June 2013 while canoeing around the mouth of the Stour in Dorset and later a red line started growing from the bite in my ankle. My doctor dismissed it and said it was due to tight socks. I soothed it by bathing it in mouth wash then putting on a grease as a barrier cream.
Then just last week December 2014 it reoccured in the same place. I live in Southampton.


Sorry to hear that, Jane. Hope it calms down quickly.


I have just been bitten by a blanford fly and my reaction is now so huge that I was researching online and come across your blog, which was very interesting and sounds similar to my situation right now! I was out walking with the dogs yesterday afternoon when I was bitten by a blanford fly on the back of my thigh. It has now got so big it's covered the entire back of one of my thighs and seems to be spreading to the front! Unless that was a separate bite I hadn't noticed! It's completely solid and red and very hot and itchy! I'm on holiday in a few days so hopefully it'll go down by then! I must point out I live in dorset and near a stream, in fact not too far from blandford so I know who the culprit was!


Ouch, Daisy! That sounds really painful. Hope it clears up in time for your holiday. Thank you for commenting.


I was bitten on Thursday. The bite has spread to most of my lower leg and is so painful. Having consulted the pharmacist, I am now taking antihistamines, using steroid cream and painkillers. I presume that it is a Blandford Fly from previous comments. Is there anything else that we sufferers can do?

Jean Sturtivant

Had two Blandford fly bites here near Ross on Wye a couple of weeks ago Both caused swelling and a lot of pain and haven't completely gone. In the garden fixing the pond pump (wearing a skirt - how stupid of me) and now have the worse one yet right behind my knee - these bites are hellish. I was using Incognito spray to deter, but have forgotten to use it lately. Will remember in future - anybody know anything good to put them off?


They're obviously out getting their protein, Karen and Jean. Sorry to hear you're both suffering. I suspect covering up is the most effective barrier to being bitten, but we all forget from time to time.

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