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It is beautiful!
Hope someone can give advice.
Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!


I can't really give you advice, but every cyclamen I have ever had has always had a summer period of dormancy here in Massachusetts, but I was able to repot and set it for another season of bloom in the fall.


Oh I wish I knew. I grow the smaller hardy variety in my garden but have never grown these.


Have you had it indoors all the time? It won’t get a dormant period indoors in a normal house, as it needs summer sun and temperatures to go into dormancy. Although, sometimes cyclamens don’t get a dormancy period outdoors either, depending on the winter and summers we have here in UK. I once had a cyclamen that flowered practically non-stop for 3 ½ years – outside! When it finally died it was due to the corm rotting in persistent rain, I should have placed it out of the rain somewhere I guess, and when I tipped out the compost to re-use the container, the corm turned out to be absolutely HUGE! About 25cm in diameter! It was just a bog-standard indoor cyclamen from B&Q that I put outside after it grew too big for the windowsill. But the winter down here in my garden is quite mild so I guess it’s hard to advice. If you are going to keep it indoors I think I would have given it a bigger pot with some fresh compost at least, and perhaps some slow-release fertiliser in February-March, but that’s just me guessing.


Thank you, everyone, and thank you, Helene, for the helpful advice. It is indoors, and now I'm reassured that I'm not running it into the ground. New pot next year, I think.

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