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Julieanne Porter (@GwenfarsGarden)

I used to be against yellow in the garden, except for spring daffs, I don't know why. But I have changed my tune and now embrace yellow, and oranges and reds, for the wonderful colour they give, particularly as autumn approaches. They also tend to be plants bees like too, so another reason to grow them. And the right yellow and pinks can work together quite nicely. I have St John's Wort & Heuchera Paris together and love the way the both compliment and contrast each other.

So yay for your yellows and oranages. And who can resist marigolds - they flower for months, feed the bees and withstand cold winters, often flowering through cooler winters.


Ooh, that's interesting, Julianne. I'll have a look at Heuchera Paris. I don't think that's one I know. Fingers crossed for the marigolds this winter - though we're apparently in for a deep freeze.

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