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Emma Cooper

Did you get any berries? I'm still on the trail of the holy grail of fuchsias - one with tasty fruit :)

It's wise to remember the rule for perennials - they sleep (1st year), creep (2nd year) and leap (3rd year). I was just on the verge of getting to see some of my favourites 'leap' when I had to move out of the old garden....


Hi, Emma. No berries that I noticed. If I get them next year, I'll let you know. Aha! hadn't heard the rule - that's a good one. Shame you had to leave the others behind - I hope the new owners appreciated them.


Emma needs Fuchsia 'Genii' - which has tasty fruit. T&M are launching a berry fuchsia next year too.

Re 'Pink Fizz' - I'd say mine did slightly better than yours, but nowhere near what's claimed (though better than my 'Lady Boothby'). I too am sticking with the sleep, creep, leap saying, 'cos that's certainly what happens with my Clematis.

Have a great Christmas and I hope to see you in 2016 :)


Hi, Michelle. I love this sleep, creep and leap idea. Makes total sense, and I think companies should make that clearer. Complete novices would, surely, get quite downhearted.

You too, hope you have a lovely Christmas and I'm sure we'll see each other in the New Year.


Hopefully you're no longer feeling inadequate after reading Emma and Michelle's comments! I hadn't heard that saying before now (it's a good one) but my design training taught me to allow 3-5 years for a plant to fill out it's space. I agree that suppliers should make that information more widely known at the time of purchase, people have such unrealistic expectations of what to expect from new plants - possibly having watched too much 'instant' gardening on telly! Hope you're well, Helen; wishing you a good Christmas! Caro x


Hi, Caro. You're right, it makes perfect sense, and I think it's weird that it's never mentioned how long filling out might take, even on the garden makeovers. I hope you have a good Christmas too, Caro, and am looking forward to seeing you in 2016.

Ann Mullins

I want to know whether you should do any 'pinching out'the first year. My post plugs arrived May and are now about 8 inches high. I have potted on twice. I hope eventually to put them into (large?)
pots to place on the edge of decking to be tied to a trellis on boundary fence.
How big should the final pot be I wonder.


I can't seem to reply directly to Emma's comment, but if you're still looking for berries, the variety mentioned by VP is Fuchsia 'Berry' (or T&M call it Fuchsia 'Fuchsiaberry') - supposed to have larger, sweeter berries, with a flavour 'something between a fig and a kiwi'.

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