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Julie Huckle

Hi Helen,
25 degrees! We left on the saturday evening and I had only just taken my hat and gloves off for the first time in four days, looking forward to reading part 2!


Hi, Julie. Yes, we went loaded with woolies and scarfs - I was glad of them in the beginning and weighed under carrying coats at the end. Not an easy holiday to pack for! Hope you enjoyed the rest of Berlin.


25 degrees sounds wonderful. I keep seeing Berlin on blogs so it must be the place to visit. Maybe I'll go one day but perhaps I will wait till its a little warmer


Hi, Helen. It's a fascinating city. There's so much to see that there's enough for several holidays. I wanted to see the gardens at Charlottenburg Palace and at Sans Souci and we didn't get anywhere near. Would recommend slightly later in the year, though, to be on the safe side!

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