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Chris Myers

The programme & it's end result, a garden on main avenue, can only have generated extra interest in the Chelsea Flower Show.
I imagine that visitors will want to see Sean's garden & will not turn their nose up at it, as if it shouldn't be there.
Good on the RHS & BBC for collaborating a TV show that highlights the splendour of Chelsea & in turn gives an amateur enthusiast the chance to turn their passion into a career.
There are a number of designers on the Chelsea fringe, regulars at Hampton, Tatton, BBC GWL & Malvern who will be envious of Sean's achievement. I know, I'm one of them. After 10 years of exhibiting & 9 RHS medals later I still haven't made the break into Chelsea. There does feel to be an element of 'right place, right time' associated with gaining a Chelsea garden & more importantly a sponsor. Perhaps there is scope for a TV show that gives the professional designers out there who consistently produce good show gardens the chance to breakthrough into Chelsea. We've seen it before with Masterchef the professionals.
Anyway that's for the producers to decide.


I haven't seen the programme yet, Helen, but will watch on catch up over the weekend. I think it would be good if three amateurs were allowed to have a little show garden space and they could then be judged in a separate category. Do you remember the Fresh Talent obelisks of a couple of years ago? Some of my fellow students entered ('Bird Columny') and were thrilled to be awarded Gold for their first 'show garden'. I will be definitely be looking forward to seeing the winning GCGC show on Monday!

Anne Wareham

I personally wish that garden designers and 'amateurs' could cross their boundaries more often and more freely. And here is perhaps the opposite perspective: http://thinkingardens.co.uk/articles/can-professional-designers-really-hope-to-emulate-those-for-whom-a-garden-is-a-lifes-work/



Thank you, Anne. I'll put the link in the article. This has reminded me that Tim Richardson's articles used to be the best thing in the SGD's magazine.

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