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This article was just what I was looking for as my own lights have been somewhat disappointing - not surprising perhaps given the weather and time of year.

The question I have is: is it possible to renew the batteries for such lights or do I just accept that they will need to be replaced every couple of years?

Thank you


Hi,Krysia. Thank you for dropping by. Looking at the lights I've got, yes it would be possible to replace the batteries. All entail a bit of disassembly of the lights, (apart from the bubble light which has the battery in the solar panel post) but that's not a problem as they just slide apart.

Replacement in the Dual Function ones is particularly easy, as they have a little flap to open to allow access to the battery. The Benross set is slightly less convenient as you have to slide apart the light fitting, but no real problem.

The bubble lights and the Gardman marker light need a screwdriver to undo the casing, and would be a bit fiddly but again no real problem.

Hope this helps. Let us know what you decide on.


I bought some cheap solar lights each containing a single rechargeable AAA battery

The batteries were supposed to be rated at 600 mAh capacity but when I tested them they were all around the 100 mAh mark

So my recommendation for people buying any solar lights would be to immediately replace the batteries with ones you know have a decent capacity rating

Hopefully this will allow the lights to shine for longer into the evening (mine last pretty much all night during the summer)


Hi, John. Thank you for letting us know your experience. Checking the batteries is a good idea. Thanks for that.


With Solar Garden Lights do they die over the winter if covered with snow, will they be no good next spring ?


If they're covered with snow, Bill, the batteries won't be charged so the lights won't go on. Assuming they stay watertight and the batteries don't mind freezing, they should work when the snow melts, but personally, I'd bring them inside. That way you know they'll be warmer and dry and should work without problem next year.

Ryan Webster

This is so adorable! I will definitely put some on our backyards, I am pretty sure that my wife will love this. By the way, is it still safe to use after winter? or do I need to buy new?

I saw some cool solar lights on www.leadsun.com.au, just so I can help you. A big thanks for this again!

Paul Nash

I bought two colour changing solar lights marked Cole and Bright. They were only £5 each. I should have guessed they were a complete waste of money. They lasted a week - both of them. Don't waste your time and money!


Hi, Paul. That's really annoying. It might be worth trying John's suggestion above and changing the batteries.


Bought solar garden single light and when I removed the paper stick out , it's glowing all the time. It's hurting. How to switch off in the day.

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