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Anne Wareham

You'll know what I'll say.

'Wildlife' ponds get full of muck and murk and are often not much different from the surrounding vegetation,being so full of plants and pond weed.

A reflecting pool though (and a small one works too) is a joy forever - bringing the sky into your garden, full of light and the gentle movement of clouds.

It need only be a few inches deep, unlike a wildlife pond, so no major excavations. Just needs to be absolutely flat and blacked up with an organic black dye.

See http://veddw.com/south-garden-pool-hedges/. What's not to like?


Ha, ha! Yes, well, of course, yours does look rather gorgeous. I shall fasten on the "absolutely flat" bit, which sounds like one of those elements that would take me days to get right, if I ever did. Totally agree about reflections, and muck and murk, though I fear a small pool of black ink in my garden would look rather like a lost full stop. There's a lot to think about.

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